GAC M8 Inspiring Lion-like Presence
Fuel Consumption 13.1 KM/L
Horsepower 252 HP
ENGINE 2.0L Turbo
Seating 7
*Fuel consumption differs from a trim to another. You can refer to specifications of all trims below for more information.

Designed With Smart Technologies Blended With A Majestic And Elegant Exterior
Design Robust and Luxurious Design
Left Right

Strong Front Design Full of Vitality

  • A single glance is enough to admire a strong frontal face. The strong frontal design is full of vitality.
  • The strong front grille is a chrome grille with 10 bars featuring an inspiring design reminiscent of the lion's heavy mane, giving the front facade a very majestic appearance.
  • Eye-catching front lights equipped with 388 LED bulbs, making them resemble shining lion eyes when turned on.

Rear Lights and Connected Turn Signal Lights

When you turn on the rear lights, consisting of 320 LED bulbs, you will feel as if you have opened the gate of time, where the Eastern lion appears and jumps out of it. The turn signal adds a wonderful and futuristic light display.

Edge Wheels Designed in Floating Star Style

This wheel rim is 18 inches in size, with a three-dimensional logo and varied thickness bars. The beautiful three-dimensional logo gives you a luxurious and elegant style.

The Luxurious Interior Cabin Creates a Comfortable Driving Experience for You

  • Electric side doors.
  • Elegant interior lighting provides harmonious ambient lights and soft reading lights, creating a luxurious and comfortable mood inside the cabin.
  • Exclusive luxurious space provides you with a distinctive, wonderful driving and riding experience, in a comfortable, enjoyable, and noise-free environment
  • The flexible cabin space features third-row seats with adjustable and folding capabilities, which are distinctive in their class. Additionally, the car's trunk capacity is adjustable according to needs. The second-row seats also come with adjustable features. All of these transform the cabin into a flexible space suitable for work and family trips

Comfortable Interior Cabin
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High Standards Winner of the J.D. Power Award for 8 consecutive years
Smart Technologies The M8 is equipped with multiple technologies such as wireless charging, electronic parking brakes with automatic hold, and a tire pressure monitoring system.


Multi-function 14.6-inch Touchscreen Entertainment Display Apple CarPlay and Android Auto


High-Tech Seats The captain's seats in the second row are electrically adjustable with heating, ventilation, and electrically adjustable leg rests.


Advanced Driver Assistance System 360-degree Surround View Camera
Performance Powerful Performance
Left Right

Powerful 2-liter turbo engine with direct fuel injection system + torque rotation with AT8

A fourth-generation turbocharged 2-liter engine with direct fuel injection system from GAC, featuring 10 core technologies and a maximum torque of up to 400 Nm

Dynamic and Quality Mastered

By implementing the intelligent electromagnetic suspension system, it is possible to adjust the damping force for four shock absorbers in real-time based on factors such as road conditions, vehicle state, and driver intent, automatically adapting the car to different road surfaces and improving the driving experience and technological performance of the vehicle

  • Traffic Sign Recognition (TSR)
  • Rear Car Approaching Warning (RAW)
  • Intelligent Speed Limit Adaptive Cruise Control (ISL-ACC)

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

  • Traffic Jam Assist (TJA)
  • Integrated Cruise Assist (ICA)
  • Forward Collision Warning (FCW)
  • Lane Departure Warning (LDW)
  • Fusion Automatic Parking Assist (FAPA)
Safety Technology, Ensures You Higher Safety Standards Have a smart, safe trip Equipped with several features, including a direct tire pressure monitoring system, a rear camera, an automatic emergency braking system (AEB), a lane departure warning system (LDW), a high-strength steel safety structure, a 360-degree panoramic imaging system, and a high-strength steel safety structure to provide you and your family with maximum protection. To learn about the available safety features in all categories, please refer to the specifications for each category below.


Integrated 360-Degree Airbags Patented rear window airbags + curtain airbags (a single-piece airbag measuring 3.2 meters that covers three rows) + standard airbags. This set of integrated airbags is the first of its kind, designed to ensure your safety


Level 2 Autonomous Driving Assistant System Also equipped with Lane Keeping Assist (LKA), Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB), and Blind Spot Monitoring.


Intelligent Driving Ecosystem (ADiGO) Integrating entertainment, navigation, and Over-The-Air (OTA) synchronization to create a personalized cockpit at the driver level
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    Price: SAR 125,900
    VAT: SAR 18,885
    Total: SAR 144,785
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    Price: SAR 149,900
    VAT: SAR 22,485
    Total: SAR 172,385
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    Warranty 5 years warranty, or 150,000 km For Aljomaih Automotive showroom customers
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