2024 GAC EMPOW Empowering the Road Forward
Fuel Consumption 16.1 KM/L
Horsepower 170 HP
ENGINE 1.5L Turbo
Seating 5
*Fuel consumption differs from a trim to another. You can refer to specifications of all trims below for more information.

GAC EMPOW Empowering the Road Forward
Design Impressive fighter design
Left Right

Sleek and Aerodynamic

  • LED Headlights: Equipped with high-tech LED headlights, the Empow delivers superior visibility and a bold, modern look on the road.
  • 18" Aluminum Alloy Wheels: The Empow’s 18" aluminum alloy wheels combine sleek, modern style with lightweight durability for an unparalleled driving experience.
  • Glass Roof: Experience a breathtaking view of the sky above with the Empow's stunning glass roof, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to your drive.
  • Stylish Tail Lights & auto wipers: The striking and modern tail lights make a bold statement on the road while providing excellent visibility for a safer and more enjoyable driving experience.
  • Power Adjustable & Foldable Side Mirrors: Enhanced convenience and customization providing optimal visibility and seamless integration with the vehicle's overall sleek design.
  • Rain Sensing Wipers: Rain sensing wipers automatically detect and adjust to changing weather conditions, providing a safer and more convenient driving experience.

Precision Engineering

  • Driver's Seat Pneumatic Lumbar Support: The driver's seat pneumatic lumbar support provides personalized comfort and support for your back, ensuring a more comfortable and enjoyable ride.
  • Ventilated Seats: Experience ultimate comfort and freshness during long drives with the Empow's ventilated 1st row seats that circulate air through the seat to keep you cool and dry.
  • Multi-color Intelligent Ambient Lighting: The Empow's multi-color intelligent ambient light creates a relaxing and immersive driving experience, allowing you to customize the color and brightness to suit your mood and preferences.
  • Paddle Shifters: Experience the thrill of precision driving with the Empow's responsive paddle shift, giving you complete control over gear changes for a more exhilarating and engaging driving experience.
  • Forward Collision Warning: The Empow's forward collision warning system uses advanced sensors and technology to alert you of potential collisions, helping you to stay safe and aware on the road.
  • Autonomous Emergency Braking: This system can detect potential collisions and automatically apply the brakes to prevent or reduce the severity of an impact, providing added safety and peace of mind while driving.

Innovative Aesthetics

  • Elegant Yet Sporty Interior: The interior of the Empow strikes the perfect balance between elegance and sportiness, with premium materials, stylish accents, and comfortable, supportive seats that enhance the driving experience.
  • 7-inch instrument panel: With a color LCD multi-information display, the panel provides a clear and customizable view of essential driving data, offering convenience, clarity, and ease of use while on the road.
  • 10.25-in. Color LCD Screen Display: The Empow's large 10.25-inch color LCD screen display delivers stunning graphics and intuitive controls, providing an immersive and engaging user experience while offering easy access to entertainment, navigation, and vehicle settings.
  • 6 Sound Speakers: These speakers deliver crisp and immersive sound quality, providing an exceptional audio experience that elevates every drive.
  • First & Second Row USB Ports: Provide easy access to device charging and connectivity, ensuring that you and your passengers are always connected and powered up on the go.
  • Smartphone Connection (Carplay & FunDrive Link): Seamlessly integrates your smartphone with the car's infotainment system, allowing you to access your favorite apps, music, and contacts while keeping your focus on the road ahead.
  • Wireless Charger: Provides a hassle-free and convenient charging solution, allowing you to keep your smartphone powered up and within reach without the clutter of cables and cords..
  • Adaptive Cruise Control: This technology automatically adjusts your driving speed to maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you, providing a stress-free and comfortable driving experience.
  • Autonomous Emergency Braking: designed to automatically apply the brakes to prevent or minimize a collision with another vehicle, providing an extra layer of safety and peace of mind on the road.

Extraordinary Standards Winner of the J.D. Power prize for 8 Years in a row.


Lane & Traffic Jam Assist Technologies Stress-free traffic assistance.


Passive Entry Passive Start (PEPS) System Seamless vehicle access.


Large Digital Instrument Cluster and Screens Your ride, reimagined: Digital screens that make a statement.
Performance Seamless Control, Dynamic Force

Left Right

Experience the Thrill of the Empow's High-Performance Engine

  • New Generation of GAC 1.5L Turbo GDI Engine: High power, low fuel consumption and reliable quality.
  • 7-speed transmission with wet double clutches
  • Electronic Parking Brake (EPB) w/ Autohold.
  • Suspension Built for Comfort: Front: McPherson Independent Suspension. Rear: Multi-link Beam Independent. Suspension.
  • Dual Front Airbags, Front Side Airbags and Side Curtain Airbags.

Agile and Dynamic Handling for Maximum Control on the Road

  • Electronic Stability Program (ESP): built to automatically assist in stabilizing your vehicle when it notices a brief loss of control.
  • Hydraulic Brake Assistant (HBA): Uses the high-pressure fluid from the power steering pump to "boost" the pressure and sensation of your brake pedal.
  • Hill-start Hold Control (HHC): a driver assistance technology that stops the vehicle from sliding backwards when you're driving it from a stop on an uphill or slope.
  • Electric Brakeforce distribution (EBD): System that minimizes stopping distance and stabilizes braking performance in vehicles with heavy loads on the rear wheels.

Innovative Technologies and Superior Craftsmanship for Unmatched Performance and Efficiency

  • Electric Power Steering (EPS): A key technology for highly automated driving
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS): Technology that monitors the air pressure inside the tires with a real-time tire-pressure information to the driver.
  • Anti-lock Braking System (ABS): Help prevent the wheels of a vehicle from locking when braking heavily, and enable the driver to keep steering
  • Max. Torque (N-m/rpm): 270Nm
Safety Safety First: Our Obsessive Care Gives You Peace of Mind You are provided with active and passive safety systems for meticulous and all-round protection. More airbags are provided for an all-round protection. It also has several safety features such as Automotive Emergency Braking (AEB), Forward Collision Warning (FWC), Lane Departure Warning (LDW) and High-Beam Assist (HMA).

*Safety specifications differ depending on trim. You can refer to specifications of all trims below for more information.


Comprehensive Protection Integrated Cruise Assist (ICA) and Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC).


Safe Body Design High strength safety body design.


Safety is a top priority ISOFix child safety seat anchors.
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    Price: SAR 75,930
    VAT: SAR 11,390
    Total: SAR 87,320
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    GE 10" Screen

    Price: SAR 76,430
    VAT: SAR 11,465
    Total: SAR 87,895
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    Price: SAR 83,150
    VAT: SAR 12,473
    Total: SAR 95,623
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    Warranty 6 years manufacturer warranty, or 250,000 km.
    Roadside assistance 5 years
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