Aljomaih Automotive launches GAC GN8

With the beauty of its lines, spaciousness of its luxurious cabin, and highest tech specs, GAC GN8 enters the market with confidence, raising the ceiling of competition in the family MPV segment. The 7-seater GAC GN8 is the first luxury family MPV produced by the Chinese company GAC Motors, supplementing its range of luxury cars that includes the GA8 sedan and the all-wheel drive GS8.

GN8 has a modern and attractive design that reflects the GAC design philosophy. This design is supported by a second-generation 4-cylinders 2.0 Turbo engine that powers up to 198 hp and provide a torque of 320 Nm. The vehicle is accompanied by a 6-speed automatic transmission that combines smooth operation and responsive dynamics.

The 5-meter GN8 was built on a 3-meter wheelbase, ensuring more luxury and spaciousness in the interior cabin, which reflects how keen the company is on providing its customers with the highest quality. The

company’s approach is evidently seen in the cabin’s high-tech specs and comfort features for both the driver and passengers. The second-row seats are electrically controlled to enable passengers to easily change seating position, also; the seats are equipped with AC to better enjoy the panoramic sunroof on summer days. The luxurious cabin offers a 32-color LED interior lighting technology, separate climate control in three different areas, and an air purification system. The GN8 also offers smart keyless entry and operation, a 10.1-inch infotainment screen that supports Apple CarPlay, and a 360-degree rear view camera, as well as, wireless charging.

GAC GN8 offers a comprehensive package that includes the highest standards of safety to protect passengers, including traction control, front and rear parking assistance, automatic emergency brake system, and six airbags. Moreover, the vehicle is built on high-strength steel to help maintain passenger safety.